Implementation of ‘Jobs in the Past’ (SOI-TR-72)

I chose to implement this learning scenario in order to encourage my students to learn about the success stories of people who have common or extraordinary jobs. My aim was to lead them to think about success and passion while earning their lives.

I am Zehra Güleniş and I have implemented the LS in my speaking club sessions with 12th grade (17-year-old) Langauge Students.

About the Implementation 

Before implementing the scenario, I created an online classroom using Google Classroom. Then I added the students to the classroom. After giving a piece of short information about the aim and objectives of the lesson, I mentioned the tasks and presented some materials from Europeana Collections related to the lesson. The students had 2 days to work on the lesson before implementing it in the classroom. Then, they worked in groups of three and they made some searches about jobs in the past focusing on the cultural and social necessities of those jobs. They also found some other success stories apart from a Finnish carpenter Esa Niiranen. They shared all on the google classroom.

In the classroom section, all the students enjoyed talking on the past jobs, the changes in cultural and social lives, and creating the success stories for the persons in the pictures.

Enhancing Students’ 21st Century Skills

While performing their tasks, they worked in groups, communicated actively and used ICT based tools. In the classroom, they discussed and wrote creative stories. They also prepared presentations using Prezi (they chose that tool) and google forms to evaluate the lesson. 

Conclusion and Reflection

In short, they experienced working in cooperatively, presenting their tasks creatively and using their digital skills successfully. The lesson helped to build their critical thinking and intercultural awareness. Overall, they liked the topic and the lesson a lot.

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Jobs in the Past created by Sari Hopeakoski 

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