Implementation of “Let’s Build Bridges!” (SOI-RO-372)

Author: Țurcanu Geanina, Teacher

School/Organization: Gymnasium School No.  29

When we have a bridge in front of us, we need to think about the elements that give it safety. In order to be safe a bridge needs: mathematics, engineering, team, enthusiasm involvement. Why do we build bridges? The answers are different. To move more easily, to come closer. Therefore, each team will build a bridge. But what if we wanted to build a bridge across cultures? What elements should we use?

Cultural  Bridges

The scenario ”Let’s build bridges” caught my attention because I teach social education. Building bridges requires a lot of attention and a lot of responsibility. Every element is important. In teams, the students  built bridges using materials such as: wood, paper, glue. Attention to detail is important. And if we wanted to build bridges across civilizations why do we need it? 

My students are in  6th grad , 12 years old. Working in teams of 5 students they analyzed Fourth Bridges, London Bridges, using European resources. Together they identified the elements needed to build a solid bridge. I used this learning scenario through which I aimed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in my students. The students worked in teams and analyzed europeana resources using images of different bridges. They identified the necessary elements for a sustainable construction. And they built their own bridges this time, bridges over crops where they needed otherwise durable materials.

As I said before  students worked in teams. At the beginning of the activity their attention was directed to the nations of mathematics. The construction of a bridge must take into account the weight of angle height machines and, of course, a capable a team. Later, they had to appeal to lateral thinking and take into account a bridge connecting two cultures and this time look for those materials that could withstand. That’s how they discovered respect, love, tolerance, important stones in the construction of a bridge. The activity took place during a class hour, 50 minutes in which we challenged and learned a lot of new things. I teach social education and history and the script modification implemented was to build values for a sustainable education, like a well-built bridge.

The students were delighted with their own constructions and especially with the teamwork. There they build their own perspective in relation to others;  they learn to relate beyond the box of their own prejudices. I believe that this learning scenario was an opportunity to learn about each other.


Students working on their projects: Cultural Bridges!

I used the Europeana resources, because they provide visual support, the possibility of documentation and the possibility of learning from colleagues’ perspectives. I think it’s a way to pass on ideas in such an important field as education and so essential in learning about us. I liked the scenario Let’s build bridges, because it took me to the area of values, a construction specific to a changing society that needs to build day by day by learning from the one next to it.

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Rijksmuseum.

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