Implementation of “Let’s invent a word 2030” (SOI-IT-263)

Author: Teacher Anna Minichini primary school

School/Organization: I.C. Rossi di Capriati a Volturno Caserta Italy

My name is Teacher Anna Minichini, I am a  primary school teacher from I.C. Rossi di Capriati a Volturno in the Caserta district in South Italy. I decided to implement the learning scenario from Patricia Barciela “Let’s Invent a word 2030” because I would love to introduce my students to the world of inventions, in particular the ones related to space. For this reason, I changed the Europeana resources used in the Learning scenario designed by Patricia, I have searched in Europeana for material related to space exploration, focusing on the solar system.

The implementation context

The story of implementation was realized in a fifth grade (last year of Italian primary school), 14 pupils aged between 9-10 years old during Science lessons. The main topic of the story of implementation was the exploration of the Universe.

The narrative

The first step of Story of implemetation was to share to students the Cosmological diagram of the spheres from BL YT 31, f. 66  my idea was to show students where we started to explore the solar system and the different points of view through the history. We also watched videos about the planetary system and Earth movements. After the presentation together with my students we explored the solar system, and all the planets with their strange characteristics using our textbook. In addition, we made some research about the space technologies needed for space exploration, and when we were ready with all the equipments I invited my students in a space walk! we used a VR viewer so the pupils can have a real astronauts experience and explore various planets and the Milky Way.  After our space travel I asked to my students to work in group and reaport what they have saw designing  a solar system model and present it to peers. This last activity for me was also the opportunity to verify the skill acquired by students and help them in expanding their knowledge from the information learned from the various experiences using the flipped classroom methodology.

Learning outcomes

I decided to implement this learning scenario because I would love to experiment with different teaching methodologies. In particular, I was interested in helping students in learning by doing so they have the opportunity to learn about abstract concepts in a practical way. I am so proud of the results in particular of their beautiful works and the new skill and knowledge gained by students.

Outcomes for the educator

This is my first experience with material from Europeana and Teaching with Europeana, I am impressed with how many amazing materials are available for teachers, and how these can help me and other colleagues to help students to learn new skills.

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