Implementation of ‘Monstrous Creatures’ (SOI-RO-103)

The Learning Scenario “Monstrous creatures” was created by Natalia Targa and implemented by Geanina Țurcanu from Romania.  The Learning Scenario focuses on the identification of stereotypes about “monstrous creatures”.

Subject: Social Studies.

Representation of monsters in movies

My students are about twelve years old (6th  grade). During the implementation of the Learning, Scenario students worked in groups of four. The students were captivated by the films that featured monsters from different movies. When they had to describe each monster using a word, they had a different point of views. Words like: scary, cunning, rogue were used. The students concluded that monsters cannot have human traits and that we are generally scared of what we do not know.

Representation of monsters in cultures

They followed the Monsters Park and then they created their own monsters. It was an interactive activity in which the students faced their own limits and identified the prejudices related to their fears. They used Europeana resources and identified monsters from different cultures. They made descriptions of the monsters using Prezi. Through this activity, we have asked ourselves questions and especially we have understood that each culture has its own monsters. It is up to us to look beyond prejudice and stereotypes.

Learning outcomes

They drew their own monsters and placed them in the Monsters Park. This way, the monsters became smaller and less frightening. The students concluded that when you are willing to fight monsters, they have no power over you. They developed ICT working skills using educational apps, they collaborated in finding the best solution to complete their work.

Teaching outcomes

As a teacher, I liked the lesson and the way my students interacted together. It is important to train our students with critical thinking and collaborative learning. During the lesson, I noticed that my students cooperated and listened to each other. The Europeana resources used in the learning scenario were stimulating. As a result, each team proved creativity in approaching the task.

Final remarks

It was a busy activity. The students have collaborated and especially have used critical thinking. Thank you, Natalia Targa. You gave us a learning scenario that helped us to discover other perspectives of monstrous creatures.

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