Implementation of “Music and Colors” (SOI-MT-502)


The learning scenario Music and Colors served as the foundational concept for creating a lesson that explores the connection between Music and Art across various historical periods, notably the Baroque and Romantic eras. The lesson focused on the distinctions in music composition during these periods, highlighting the musical instruments of that time, key composers from each era, and the interconnectedness with the world of art. This lesson was implemented with year 8 students aged 12 studying Music as an elective (only two students attended this lesson). Each double lesson focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of music, in a school in Malta.

Figure 1 – A sketch created by student


The lesson was built upon previously acquired knowledge, as students had been practising music from various historical periods to grasp the diverse skills required for performing music from different eras.  Throughout the session, students had the opportunity to listen to extracts from Baroque and Romantic music pieces, accessible via Europeana and YouTube, while simultaneously observing paintings popular in both periods.

Figure 2 – A sketch created by student

This experience facilitated discussions on the similarities between the two art forms, allowing students to delve into the common features of baroque and romantic music. Moreover, students engaged hands-on with music from these periods by playing keyboard pieces attached below, thus gaining practical experience with the musical characteristics. To conclude the lesson, students listened to two additional pieces, one from each period, and expressed their interpretations through simple sketches.

The students listened to the following extracts:

 Baroque Music

 Romantic Music

Figure 3 – A sketch created by student

Learning Outcomes

This activity enabled students to attain several learning outcomes outlined in the music curriculum for the academic year. Students could recognize different styles of music and identify the period they were composed in, and identify the instruments utilized. Additionally, they could discuss characteristics of the music they listened to, and performed compositions tailored to the specific periods, thus applying the theoretical knowledge of form and style through their playing. They could also identify and describe how artists conveyed their personal perceptions and emotions through their artistic creation. Implementing this LS has provided insights to learn more about my students’ feelings through art and music. Moreover, by integrating two subjects, this lesson also embraced an interdisciplinary approach to enrich the educational experience.

Figure 4 – A sketch created by student

Link to the learning scenario implemented: Μουσική και Χρώματα (EL-CUR-743)

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PDM 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Albertina.

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