Implementation of ‘My 20th Century Decade in Scratch’ (SOI-ES-158)

This activity was based on the Learning Scenario developed by Tapani Saarinen. It’s objective was to provide students with a learning experience, related to the topic of their interest, relevant to the 20th century. The students created animated webpages, using the educational software Scratch, including pictures from the Europeana repository.

Getting acquainted with the new tools

This work was carried out to develop the first practice using Scratch as a transversal resource. To start with, the students spent 1 hour familiarizing with the use of Scratch. Once this task was completed, they investigated the Europeana repository in order to choose their topics and find resources that best represent those topics. Students also looked for more information on the Internet, using other search engines.

Ready to go!

With all the necessary graphic material and information, the students were ready to start the project in Scratch. In order to do some assessment of the Scratch project, students used Dr. Scratch to analyse their computational thinking skills.

Students also gave their feedback to the teacher regarding the use of Scratch for other curricular content. They proposed to use Scratch with some other devices like MakeyMakey to create an interactive panel.

Students working on the activity. CC-BY-SA Alvaro Molina

In order to get inspired, the students also visited the project created by other users that implemented the same Europeana Learning Scenario.

Final results

Below are some results of the work done by the students during the project:

Closing remarks

In my opinion, this kind of project is a good experience to introduce Scratch as a transversal resource that provides students with the possibility to expose curricular content from different subjects creating an interactive webpage. It was an interesting way to present the educational software through their own selected topic.

These STEAM practices are essential to developing the 21st-century skills that our students need to be good citizens, interested in culture and its dissemination while also knowing how to make good use of the technological resources available.

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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