Implementation of ‘Newspapers and Reports’ (SOI-MK-54)

Our students created a Newspaper Posters (newspaper page) as the main goal of this Learning Scenario (LS). They were divided into two groups and made two Newspapers with different topics.
In their process of working, they choose some Newspaper articles from Europeana Newspapers Collections and connected the information with today’s news. During the process, they used cutting technique of creating the newspaper, used English language and Art skills.

Class working during the implementation of the LS
Class working during the implementation of the LS

Newspapers: print vs online

As a teacher of English language, I made a short presentation about different types of newspapers, differences and similarities between online and hard copy newspapers. The conclusion of this was that, nowadays, we all read online newspapers rather than a hard copy newspaper.  Another key point is using real newspaper and a description of the sections into it. Students were divided into two groups and each group gave its own opinion about it, they discussed the cutting process.

Process of creating our students’ newspaper

Students were working in two groups. Each group chose a topic (they used their mobile phones) from the Europeana website. Then, they used item 1 and item 2 from the LS and noticed the way of cutting the newspapers.

The first group choose Molika, an image from the website. Then, they wrote a short description of this beautiful and rare tree from Pelister, the mountain Baba near Bitola, The Republic of North Macedonia. They wrote few descriptions, used different colours cut them and stuck them into the poster.

The second group picked the topic of sport and made a comparison of the sport in the past and now. They made drawings, cut pictures from old books and created the newspaper.

Newspapers posters made by the students
Newspapers posters made by the students

Reflection on lesson

Each of the students was given time to say something about the Newspaper. They enjoyed this kind of activities with Europeana. They worked in teams and collaborated together. It is a ‘teacher-friendly’ lesson, I did not have long teaching preparation and the website is a great resource of images and information.

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Newspapers and Reports created by Justin Nicholas Micallef

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