Implementation of “Objects in History and in Our Lives” (SOI-LV-291)

Author: Aleksandra Sharaka

School/Organization: Daugavpils Valstspilsetas Secondary School

We are constantly surrounded by a huge number of objects which have been created for any practical purpose. However, the circumstances are constantly changing and often some of them are losing their practical usage or relevance and becoming history. I have chosen a lesson scenario with a title “Objects in history” created by Zsuzsanna Miskolczy, a Hungarian teacher, as history is always very fascinating and interesting.

The implementation context

Why this learning scenario?

Twenty students of the seventh grade (aged 13-14) went on a journey back in time, during five lessons of 40 minutes each to get a lot of excitement and broaden their horizons.

At this age, pupils already have a history lesson, but the issues of old objects are not often included in the school curriculum. I was grateful to take a chance of having such a lessons within my students classroom. during the English lessons.

The narrative

A great journey through history

Day 1.

In the first lesson I used a presentation. Students looked at pictures of old things and searched for their correct purpose from the various descriptions. A heated discussion between students and a competition to see who could guess the most often took place

Day 2.

In the next lesson I showed the same pictures from the presentation, but without descriptions. Students themselves told what kind of object it was and what was created for. They also tried to find out what materials were used to make each object.

Day 3.

In the third lesson the students were introduced with the second presentation, they studied the history of different objects from the past. They worked with given worksheets.

After the lesson I asked the children to find an object at home and prepare a short story in English about it.

Day 4.

This lesson was devoted to presenting the objects students had found at home. Students’ answers were used to make a class presentation and download it on

At the end of the lesson we played kahoot game.

Day 5.

In the final lesson, the students shared and discussed their impressions, used the Internet resource

Seventh grade students at work, author – Aleksandra Sharaka, Latvia

Learning outcomes

Outcomes of the learning scenario   According to the survey results, the students admitted this learning scenario was very exciting. It was also a great practice of the English language, which promoted learning a lot of new words in a foreign language.    

Outcomes for the educator

Teacher’s feedback

As a teacher I was very satisfied with the students’ active work and their interest during the lesson. I would highly recommend this teaching scenario due to its structure and easy to use approach.

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