Implementation of ‘Our City on Europeana’ (SOI-HR-240)

The “ Our City on Europeana” , a learning scenario created by Marcin Jabłoński, a member of  the Polish User Group of Europeana DSI-4, was implemented by the Croatian teacher Alma Suto, member the Croatian User Group of Europeana DSI-4 with the 8th grade students, during  Computer Science lessons.


This learning scenario was used with students already familiar with Europeana as a source for knowledge. The implementation took two 45 minute lessons as I adapted the information provided in the original scenario for 15 – 20 year old pupils to 14 year old pupils and the Croatian National curriculum for Primary school as it is manageable to fit in with the 8th graders during Computer Science classes. I had to prepare detailed instructions for student  activity. 


As the warm-up, I presented the Europeana Homepage and reminded students of Creative Commons licenses. After that, I presented the student tasks, and the students got  instructions.

Students during activity


The students searched for pictures of a city from Croatia on the Europeana website, chose and saved one of them. After that, the students looked for photos of the city they chose from other sources, paying attention to the copyright. They needed to select a few pictures and save them to the computer as well. Each student made one Sway comparing pictures and information from Europeana website with those obtained in other places. The Sway presentations included photo collages of how the Croatian cities had changed over the years. Students shared their works with the  teacher on Class Note in the end.

Collages created by students
Collages created by students

Final thoughts

For this scenario I had planned 2×45’ and that was sufficient time for implementing it.  The aims of the lesson have been fulfilled, the students have learned how to use Europeana and other sources and find information paying attention to the copyright. They have improved their digital skills, critical thinking and online research abilities. Finally, my students enjoyed the lesson and they could give their feedback. Also, students received grades for their works.

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Our City on Eurropeana by Marcin Jabłoński

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CC BY-SA 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb.

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