Implementation of Paintings That Tell Stories (SOI-ES-179)

In this implementation of the learning scenario “Paintings that tell stories” created by Ádila Faria, I have adapted the activity focusing on the challenge that I posed to my students where I wanted them to learn about their feelings through the interaction with Art.

We developed this project with the students of the 3rd Infant class (5-6 years old, pre-primary) at the Alfonso VI school, in Toledo, Spain. Students experienced Art by getting to know and working with sculptures. Although Ádila’s scenario focused on the creation of artistic contexts in the preschool environment, especially, through paintings, we chose the interaction with sculptures. The students had a determining role in the expression of themselves, creation of art and communication with others. They were able to observe and analyze information, experiences and ideas.

Picture of the activity. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

A short summary of the implementation process

This project activity was carried out in one session, Firstly, all together students listened to the tale called “The Architect and the Forest Animals”. After, we did not only discuss the profession of an architect but also talked about sculptures and the value of efforts behind them. Moreover, we reflected on the importance of thinking before acting. Then, we divided the class into cooperative teams and each child created their own piece for our home, located in the forest.

Picture of the activity. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

In the end, students completed an evaluation activity about the efforts made during the whole process, the involvement in the tasks, teamwork and the degree of satisfaction.

Teacher’s remarks

In conclusion, I can point out the positive factor of empirical research and experimentation that has been carried out in this activity. Children were able to learn the importance of the care of the environment through the story and sculptures as another means of expression of Art.

Picture of the activity. CC-BY-SA Leticia Gil

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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