Implementation of ‘ReFake It’ (SOI-PT-93)

This learning scenario was implemented in a night-time adult education class, with the participation of 15 students, aged between 18 and 44 years, with the duration of 6 x 45 minutes (time predicted by the author of the LS- 4/5 x 45 minutes), as “Lessons 4-5” needed more time for explanation (MIT Companion).

How was the learning scenario implemented?

During the first night class (4th December), lesson 1 was implemented, and adult learners were very amused and involved in using the new digital tools. Especially Lino and Answergarden. It was a great challenge to write their opinions and to explore the Europeana website in a foreign language (English), but they did it correctly and properly understood the main objectives of all the proposed activities.

Homework and fake messages/news

Lessons 2 & 3 were implemented on the same night (9th December). The homework results were amazing, in some cases involving their families, recreating the selected painting to modern-day thought and environment. Some adults did it also together on the school premises, and it was fun to involve the whole class. The presentation of the remakes was fabulous, as it was considered an out of the box activity by the adults. Creating fake messages and news was a very collaborative activity and they realized how easy it was to be done and that they should be carefully selecting information sources.

Android quiz

These activities (lessons 4 & 5) needed more time for explanation, as to date, no adult student had had programming experience. With the support provided by the LS author (Quiz App Tutorial), we managed to overcome the difficulties and accomplish the proposed task. The reflections in the Lino tool provide a piece of perfect evidence of how the adults felt quite fulfilled and pleased with their performance and new way of learning. As proposed, the assessment was done with the Lino table giving a frame to the project, using self- and peer evaluation.

The aims of the lessons were fulfilled. The group was very pleased with this learning scenario, expressing interest in trying new experiences of coding as their children do it during a day at school.

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ReFake It created by Eva Toth

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CC BY 4.0: One of the images used to create the featured image has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection. The second image belongs to the public domain.

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