Implementation of ‘ReFakeIt’ (SOI-HU-38)


I have decided to implement my very own Learning Scenario, “ReFakeIt” as an extra task, but this time with a group considered to be ’more difficult’ to engage and motivate.

Target Group

The learning scenario was adapted to fit into the very last month of the school year. The students participating in this one were once again IT students, in the second year of their secondary school studies. Being a smaller group, they were divided into 3 pairs. They had fun creating the remade painting, but they had a hard time choosing an appropriate one. They not only had to choose a free-to-reuse one, but also one that had not been chosen by the previous groups. One student decided not to be seen in the photos, but he participated in the coding. As for the pre-project survey, it once again became clear that they simply cannot connect art to learning. They gave feedback such as: “how on earth can we learn by Arts?” The created paintings turned out great!

Creating Apps

They had already used app inventor before, but still, it was a challenge to meet the requirements of the app. The created apps were really cool, even though they encountered some technical issues. I especially liked one group who decided to record the app’s feedback as read out by google translator, it was a really creative and funny solution. A pair even added an extra slide into the app summarizing the number of good and bad answers.


My own experiences: even if giving it as a homework, these students need a lot of reinforcement and they have to be given time at the lesson to finish their task. It is quite an achievement that they had worked on their tasks at home as well. All in all, the lesson was a success!

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ReFakeIt, created by Éva Tóth

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