Implementation of ‘Restaurant Etiquette’ (SOI-TR-170)

I am Sedat Güngörmez from Turkey and I implemented the learning scenario “Restaurant Etiquette” by Tóthné Jónás Éva with my students aged 14. I chose this learning scenario because we were studying the table manners. Also, it was useful for revising the modal verbs “should” and “shouldn’t”.

The implementation summarized

Before the implementation, I created a Padlet for students to revise their knowledge about table manners. Moreover, I included some general information on how to behave in public places.

  • First of all, I introduced the Europeana Collections to my students, showing how to navigate in the web portal and search for the resources. Afterwards, students had to search for digital artefacts, depicting restaurants, themselves.
  • After that, together we watched the video about restaurant etiquette.
  • Then, I asked my students to watch the video again and answer the true-false questions that were indicated in the worksheet.
  • Later on, we watched the video for the third time and students indicated the 3 mistakes made by Mario.
  • Furthermore, working in pairs, the students were asked to write 5 sentences about how they should and should not behave in a restaurant.
  • Finally, students revised their vocabulary via a Wordwall exercise.


In short, during the implementation, my students were introduced to Europeana Collections, learned some new words and revised their knowledge, obtained during the previous lessons. They also developed their collaboration and communication skills and had fun.

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Restaurant Etiquette” by Tóthné Jónás Éva

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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