Implementation of ‘Robotkind: i-dolls in the Mirror’ (SOI-FI-71)

This learning scenario suited perfectly to our programming and robotics unit in third grade. The curriculum in Finland requires an introduction to basic programming as well as robotics already from early years onwards.

During 4 lessons of 45 minutes that lasted the implementation, we covered the following topics: Science, Art, English and ICT

An immersion into the universe of toys

We started the lesson by viewing the mechanic toys photo gallery presented in the learning scenario. After this, students designed their own robotic toys. We used paper and glue for this task.

The next day we wrote stories about the robots and the skills they had. Students also brought toys from home for inspiration. After this, we used the Scratch programming tool to create animations about the toys and robots. Scratch teaches basic programming commands and it can be used for creating stories and animations.

Teaching outcomes

This learning scenario provided an excellent framework and inspiration for the topic. It was easy to edit it to meet our specific needs. Students enjoyed studying the connection between toys, mechanics, programming and robots. it was a very nice experience for all of us.

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Robotkind: i-dolls in the mirror created by Theodora Tziampazi 

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