Implementation of ‘STEAM in the Water Cycle’ (SOI-ES-183)

This scenario is an implementation of the STEAM in the Water Cycle learning scenario developed by Anna Maria Gauci. It was implemented with a group of students of year 5 of Primary (10 years old) right after we had worked on the Colour-blind Women learning scenario.

This group of students is not easily motivated with normal lessons and some students are migrants learning Spanish (it is an integration class where we have 1-hour lesson per week) but understand English so Europeana Learning Scenarios are a very useful resource for them. I selected to implement the STEM in the Water Cycle scenario as I thought it would engage them.

Implementing the Learning Scenario

The activity was easily implemented, simple and quick, so it fits really well in the 1h frame I have weekly with this group. As the scenario is in English all my students could follow the instructions. First, we saw the water cycle game, then we played with memory and saw the video of the rain in Holland.

Students doing the activity. CC-BY-SA Aarón Bernárdez


As I have said before, it is a group that is quickly demotivated but with this scenario, I engaged them to show interest and collaborate. They were very surprised by the rain video and liked the memory game a lot. They even asked me if we were doing more such activities in the future. I really want to congratulate the author, especially on the many resources he made available in the scenario.

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STEAM in the Water Cycle created by Anna Maria Gauci

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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