Implementation of ‘STEM in Sports and Dance'(SOI-TR-47)

This learning scenario was chosen because of its links to STEM and Maths. We implemented it in Meram Anatolion High School’s 9th grade. Students were previously introduced to the Europeana platform so they could easily navigate the web site.

Let’s Have Fun!

First of all, the students watched the YMCA youtube video. It was very enjoyable for all of them. They liked the song and the video clip. After the second video about YMCA, they tried to find out what YMCA was and after the explanation, they found it exciting.

Europeana Time

The first link in Europena was a list of sports activities of YMCA camp in 1923. They examined the list and found out which sports were performed and how and whether they were a proper match or just training. They made charts about this data. The second link was about a dance club. They searched the dance materials available in the Europeana portal and then tried to find out which one was best for meeting people and spending calories. They prepared some graphics about burning calories due to sports and dance. The last material from the Europeana portal was the first toy robot built in Japan. It was fun for them but they found it very simple. Then, the students discussed about spy robots and their usage in paralympic sports activities.

We Are Making Lego’s

After searching about spy robots, they tried to make one. Afterwards, they tried to code it for sports or dance activities.

Trying to code the Lego WeDo was a challenge for all of them but it was also very funny.


The whole process provided a lot of info for the students. They learned lots of new things. Comparing YMCA camps and youth centres of our country made them think of the importance of preparing the environments and activities to meet young people. ‘Spy robots and their importance in making life safer for everyone in Paralympics’ was a very important subject for the students. They learned much about this topic.

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STEM in Sports and Dance created by Sarah Camilleri Dimech

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