Implementation of ‘Take Aim At Climate Change’ (SOI-PL-123)

You may be wondering why, while being a teacher working at a technical vocational school training future engineers, I have chosen this learning scenario for implementation. Why? Because I care… And I want my students to care about our planet.

Date and place of the lesson

2-03-2020, 3rd Electrical class, electric machines – technical subject in Complex of Technical Schools In Grudziądz

A few words about the group in which the Learning Scenario was implemented

The group of students with whom the lesson was conducted consisted of students of the technical school of Electrical-tech class 3, aged 18. The classes were conducted during 2 lessons of VET. These are students interested in an innovative approach to education, caring for work through the project.

How the classes were conducted

The classes were divided into three main stages. In the first part, the theoretical introduction to Europeana and presentation of the necessary materials were carried out; some brainstorming was conducted and the class was divided into groups. A video and presentation on the topic related to the lesson were presented. In the second part, the students worked in groups writing, on large pieces of paper, their thoughts on specific topics.

Poster presenting students' ideas
Poster presenting students' ideas

How the students dealt with the implementation of the subject and how many elements each group created

During the classes, the students performed the tasks entrusted to them. Each group of students wrote an essay on the subject and then presented their views on various impurities. Due to the limited time and specificity of the subject, we dealt with the subject of energy and water. The lessons were summarized in the discussion and multimedia presentation made by students and posters on selected topics. The students used ICT tools to create posters.

How much time was required to conduct the classes

The time needed to complete the task was one meeting within 2 x 45 min.

Why I recommend conducting classes based on this Learning Scenario

At the end of the lesson, the students will be made aware of the impact of industry on the surrounding landscape and climate change. An expression of this is the prepared presentation and posters.

Climate change is a fact, young people need to know about it because they will make decisions in the future about the whole planet and the future of humanity.

In this industry, including the power industry in its broad sense, this industry has one of the largest greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Poster on water created by students
Poster on water created by students

Did you find this story of implementation interesting? Why don’t you read about the related learning scenario?

Take Aim at Climate Change by Emine Ertas

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