Implementation of ‘Take aim at climate change’ (SOI-RO-233)


The learning scenario “Take aim at climate change”, created by Emine Ertas, was implemented by the Romanian teacher Hortensia Bogdan with the 2nd grade students, attending Colegiul de Artă “Carmen Sylva”, Ploiești , Romania.

Subjects that were covered during this implementation are Mathematics and Environment Exploration, Arts and crafts, Music and Movement. The implementation took one lesson of 40 minutes as I adapted the information provided during the 5-lesson original scenario for 12-13 years old pupils to 8 years old pupils.

Why this learning scenario?

Firstly, because we have an Erasmus+ KA201 partnership on environmental issues running in our school during 2020/2022.

Secondly, because this learning scenario fits the curricula for 2nd grade pupils, which requires learning about major habitats and negative effects of human activities on environment.


I implemented this learning scenario when classes were carried out face to face. I used some videos and materials following some links given as references in the original learning scenario. We previously learned about habitats, plants, and animals around the world and in our country, environment protection and negative effects of human activities on environment, climate change and how it can affect our and future generations life on Earth. By means of implementing this learning scenario, pupils refreshed their previous knowledge on these issues and learned something new on the given topic.

We started our first lesson by watching the video What’s the difference between weather and climate? , as given in the learning scenario. Starting from this video, we discussed about changes of climate in our country, such as: Winters with less or no snow, unusual high temperature during Autumn and Winter or low temperature during Spring, lack of rain during Summer and Autumn, extreme atmospheric phenomena, some of which being very unusual for our country, such as tornados, drought, and flood alternation.

Pupils were challenged to find effects on climate change on their life and present them in a drawing. The most common effects they found were the lack of snow for Winter games and sports (sledging, skiing), sudden temperature changes from one day to another, shorter or even lack of Spring and/or Autumn.

We also listened and watched the video CLIMATE CHANGE SONG FOR KIDS on YouTube, and made some movements on the music bringing forward the emotional impact of the lyrics and images on watchers.

Pupils were divided into small groups (maximum 5 members) and had the task of creating a poster on climate change issues by using photos, own drawings/ pictures, creating slogans or short poems to draw people’s attention on the urge of taking action against climate change. desene mediu.pptx , Toys made of natural and recyclable materials.pptx

Students’ creations during activities

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