Implementation of “The birds are singing”! (SOI-RO-58)

My name is Elena Vladescu, I teach Physics and I am part of the Romanian User Group of the Europeana Education project. I chose to implement ‘’The Birds are singing‘’ in the frame of the “Sound” chapter from Physics Romanian curriculum. The Learning Scenario was created by Işıl Gülmez, Europeana Ambassador for Turkey.


I introduced, in short, the Europeana Collections website. I explained the objectives of the lesson. Students were divided into teams and provided with worksheets. They used their own devices – phones or tablets for Quiver software, but also school computers for the lesson.


My pupils were familiar with Quiver from a previous activity. They worked with enthusiasm. Many of them confessed that the recordings of birdsongs hosted on the Europeana platform impressed them a lot!

The pupils could hardly decide which birds to choose because many songs were very beautiful! I can still hear them saying: “Quiet! Listen to this song!”


My students were very impressed by the Europeana curated set of birdsongs, more than by the AR software!

As a result, each group chose to make presentations with five birds each, not only one, like in the implemented learning scenario.

As a Physics teacher, I found this learning scenario very useful in my teaching. Why? Because the “Sound” chapter was, this way, much more attractive for my students.

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The birds are singing created by Işıl Gülmez

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