Implementation of the ‘Celebrations in Europe’ (SOI-PL-223)

This story of implementation is based on the learning scenario ‘Celebrations in Europe‘ created by Tiina Malt. The students involved were 13 years old (7th grade) and they had not had any prior knowledge of Europeana resources. The learning scenario was implemented in creativity classes on-line lessons during the school closure due to Covid-19 outbreak in December.

The course of the lesson

From the original learning scenario, I decided to implement these topics:

•             Reading articles about different types of celebrations in European countries

•             Talking about pictures and movies the author used

•             Group work

•             Listening to the song: Together

At the beginning of the lesson I told my students about Europeana and its goals.

The starting point of our activities was listening to the song and talking about how the students understood the text. Subsequently we were reading texts about celebrations in European countries. We read them together in Polish. My students had the opportunity to develop their speaking skills while they were talking about photos and short movies which illustrated the texts. The students became familiar with the multitude of ceremonies that are held in various European countries. The students were interested in cultural diversity and customs related to celebrating, e.g. Christmas Eve and various dishes in different countries.

The photos and videos illustrating the texts were, in their opinion, properly selected.

Then the students, divided into groups, were preparing quizzes based on the texts. Thanks to this task, they improved their reading comprehension and group cooperation skills. Each group prepared a quiz consisting of 5 questions.

At the end oft he lesson each group formed their opinion about what they had found interesting and what they had learned.

Learning outcomes

This learning scenario encouraged my students to develop their collaboration skills, I encouraged them to use Europeana Collections to find more examples of celebrating different occasions.

With this learning scenario, students had an opportunity to work in groups, present their work through a web conference and acquire public speaking skills. We worked during 3 lessons.

The learning scenario is definitely a good choice if you want your students to be actively involved in your lesson. I can honestly recommend it.

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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