Implementation of the ‘Time Travel Agency’ (SOI-EU-69)

Tapani Saarinen, with the fifth graders of the European School Brussels II, in 2019.

Background for the project

The original learning scenario (Time Travel Agency, created by Katalin Lőrincz) was used as the basis of this project.

However, some structural modifications were made, including giving students a fixed travel route, which followed those European capitals which had been part of the Geography studies earlier during the semester.

Furthermore, some extra tasks were included. For instance, budgeting and preparing the timetable for the travel.

About the implementation

The implementation took place at the wheel before the week ending the semester. One week was scheduled for the whole project.

The lesson followed the original scenario. A small modification was needed, relating to the project outcomes: students made notes and wrote down their results, and presented them to others verbally.


Time-cruise around Europe (in our modified version: a holiday trip around Europe with interesting historical places visited) provided a fertile learning experience for the students. The closeness of the vacation, own memories of the visits to some of the places and learning about new and interesting places to visit, were all contributing factors for a good learning experience.

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Time Travel Agency, created by Katalin Lőrincz.

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