Implementation of ‘Think, feel, care’ (SOI-RO-537)

Author: Geanina Turcanu

Organization/School: Gymnasium School No.  29, Galati, Romania


I teach social science and this learning scenario ‘Think, feel, care‘ caught my attention because it has many useful resources for the lesson. My students are in 6th grade and are 12 years old. In teams of 5, they  analyzed and identified the dangers “of the box”. A box in which we place people and which does not identify them.

The students worked in teams and analyzed Europeana resources.  We used the Europeana resources to identify prejudices and stereotypes. What do we see? What do we feel? What do we think? What makes us put people in boxes? What does the box hide? Can we go beyond the box?

The narrative (Learning process/Stages of implementation)

Starting  from  the learning scenarios, we used the European resources to identify the prejudices and stereotypes that we formulate in the interaction with the others.

I used the video resource: Together we analyzed the dangers of the box. Why it’s dangerous to put people in boxes?

After they analyzed the dangers of the box, we asked ourselves who are we? When you accept others you also know who you are.


The purpose of the activity was to stimulate metacognition. The students understood that the differences between us are just as many ways to accept ourselves and others. They enjoyed identifying as a team the dangers of a box we end up in because people can’t see past us. Then everyone made their own poster with what they  consider important to them.

Photo taken during implementation

Link to the learning scenario implemented: Think, feel, care (LS-IT-790)

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Helsinki City Museum.

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