Implementation of ‘This time I am voting’ (SOI-HU-173)

Choosing the LS

I chose to implement the learning scenario ‘This time I am voting‘ created by Juan-Bosco Camón Herrero because it perfectly fit my curriculum and could be implemented online.

In the book I use to teach my subject – English, there is a unit about Society. I implemented the mentioned learning scenario while teaching this topic. It was a challenge to complete the tasks in during this unusual situation when the classes were thought online but we managed. I used Redmenta, Messenger, and Zoom for communication with my students.

Our lesson in Redmenta

Changes I made to the original learning scenario

  • I implemented the learning scenario during the Covid-19 outbreak so we did everything online (differently than in the original LS). I prepared a Word document in which I provided step-by-step guidelines on how to use Europeana. I also used screenshots to make it as clear as possible.
  • Furthermore, before the implementation, I created an online lesson on Redmenta platform which is a Hungarian app helping teachers in creating and sharing exercises. As I implemented the LS in my English lesson, I found it necessary for students to learn the names of the countries of the EU.
  • I also did a general introduction to the work of the EU. However, I mostly focused on the importance of voting, therefore, I showed my students a video which helped them understand the importance of voting better and improve their vocabulary by learning specific words, related to voting.
  • In the original LS, students were supposed to answer the following question: “How can we motivate other young people to vote in the European election 2019” As it is 2020, I, of course, changed the question, but used the same website. My question was: “Imagine, we can turn back time. We are before the 2019 European election. Find the webpage and read the reasons why we should vote. Choose the reason, you like the best and copy it here. Why did you choose that? Explain in 5 sentences!”
  • Lastly, I omitted the part of using Historiana because of the time restrictions.

A short summary of the implementation

 Lessons Procedure
1st lessonl sent my students the information about the usage of Europeana and, with the help of Zoom, we spoke about the upcoming project (implementation).
2nd lessonI made an online exercise in which students learnt the countries of the EU in English.
3rd lessonIn the worksheet on Redmenta, students had to answer questions about the EU.
4th – 6th lessonStudents made posters about voting in the EU using Europeana resources.
Planning of the project (implementation)

Students feedback

My students liked the project (implementation) because they could use their creativity. It was not easy to work only online but we managed and learnt a lot.

Below are some of the posters made by students using Europeana resources:

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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