Implementation of Time Travel Agency (SOI-TR-82)

I am Sonja Jankulovska, from the Republic of North Macedonia. I implemented this scenario with my students in May 2019. At this end of this article, you will find the links to the students works.


We started the implementation by talking about how cultural and historical monuments shape the main landmark of a country and a tourist could feel in a geographically close unknown city.
This was an incentive for students to imagine being tourists in an unknown city and what would help them. Then, students were put in the role of tour guides and prepared short brochures with precisely defined locations and a brief description.

They were divided into two groups and made two brochures from different countries – cities. In their work process, they select images and articles from the Europeana platform and visited travel agencies for the brochure content and link information to today’s news.

During the process, they improved skills for research and problem solving using ICT, creativity skills for preparing brochures and developing writing skills.

How has the learning scenario been implemented?

At the very beginning, I made a brief presentation and introduction of Europeana, explaining how to use the browser on the portal.
There was a discussion about the fact that many people today are looking for information online. We discussed the fact that it might be better to keep your information always at hand – especially when you are travelling in an unknown city.

With the help of Travelmap, the students choose the locations that will be the themes of their brochures. Then, they collected information and images for various sights and eventually create brochures at

The process of making brochures

  1. Suggestions on what the brochure should contain : which objects and information,
  2. Drafting a plan and defining the main points of the contents of the brochures,
  3. Division of students into 2 groups,
  4. Presentation of each group of their works before the brochure is printed,
  5. The final product – the brochure.


The students enjoyed both teamwork and working with Europeana resources to create their brochures. They collected appropriate information, selected to suit the given task.

Links to the two brochures done with Microsoft Sway

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Time Travel Agency, created by Katalin Lőrincz.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 –The featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana, provided by the National Gallery of Slovenia .

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