Implementation of “Time Travel Agency” ( Sol – HR-261)

Author: Maja Knez Vranić

School/Organization: OŠ”Vladimir Nazor” Pisarovina,Croatia

I am an English teacher in primary school and love to incorporate digital tools as well as PBL in my everyday English class. I decided to implement the learning scenario “Time Travel Agency” created by Katalin Lorincz with my 6th grade student ( 12 years old).

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The IS activities:  

Introduction – Presenting Europeana

Students played quizzlet live (they had to match pictures of famous landmarks around the world with their names). I showed students  Europeana  and presented the possibilities of the platform ( how to search for materials and also how to use them in their work). We researched some landmarks from the game (Big Ben, The Buckingham palace…)

After presenting Europeana pupils searched landmarks from the quiz

I introduced the PBL they will be working on. Then I divided students into groups of four and explained the task. (They are members of a travel agency and provide tourist destinations to the past. .For their homework they had to think of the name for their travel agency, make logo and choose 6 locations they would like to work on.

Online itinerary

In groups students discuss and decide which 6 places they want to include in their itinerary. Each student had to give a short presentation why his/her destination should be included. After deciding on locations they used  Europeana to find specific landmarks and post all their ideas into Padlet board . They worked on their stories. They prepared online itinerary using TravelMap.

Students searched Europeana and  prepared materials for brochure.

Canva  Collaboration

Students combined all the materials they have been working on and prepared brochure using Canva

Students’ materials on Padlet board

At the end of third lesson, I prepared Forms for students as feedback. I was very pleased because each student was responsible for some part of a project and all of them participated equally. They were excited about the final presentation and loved the task.

Students’s presentations 

Each group presented their final product. They printed brochures and gave them to other groups. They presented their travel agencies and the 6-day journey through the past.

 Each group was peer evaluated by assessment rubric.

Students presenting their final task – 6 days travel itinerary brochure

Learning outcomes?

With these activities students revised vocabulary associated with planning a trip, they also widened their knowledge of cultural heritage and history around Europe. They developed their collaborative skills by working in groups and sharing tasks among each other and also critical thinking by exploring Europeana and discussing best possibilities for their brochure .They developed their digital skills and creativity by using digital tools such as : Padlet, Canva, Quizzlet, Forms TravelMap … Students also practiced Simple past when talking about past events.

Teaching outcomes

I always try to fulfill my teaching with examples of good practice from colleagues around the world and this LS was just the right one. We all enjoyed working on it and I was amazed with the final product and my pupils’ creativity. Using Europeana resources was a bit hard for my students, but it was their first time and as they wrote in feedback, they would like to use it again. They worked on each task so devotedly, explored resources for their final product, showed their creativity and  presented their travel agencies and itineraries so proudly.

I would gladly recommend this learning scenario  “Time Travel Agency” created by Katalin Lorincz  to other colleagues. It met all my expectations.  Your students can develop and  work on wide range of  skills and practice speaking as well as writing.

Did you find this story of implementation interesting? Why don’t you read about the related learning scenario? Time travel agency created by Katalin Lőrincz

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Public Domain Mark 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Biblioteca Digitale Trentina.

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