Implementation of ‘Vintage VR’ (SOI-HR-109)

Vintage VR‘, a  learning scenario created by Rafael Montero, is an interdisciplinary project that combines do-it-yourself (DIY) activities, virtual reality and architecture. I chose this learning scenario for implementation in my class but I have modified and adapted it.


This learning scenario is meant to be used with students who have been introduced to Europeana for the first time. This project is an interdisciplinary project that combines do-it-yourself (DIY) activities into the world of IT and technology. I had to prepare detailed instructions for collaborative activity.  According to Croatian National Curriculum for primary school, it is manageable to fit it in with the 5th graders (age of pupils 11-12) during a Technology class.


As a warm-up, I presented the Europeana Homepage. I let students explore stereoscopic images of monuments and use the navigation bar, menu and tabs. After that, I presented the project and divided students into groups of three. The students got instructions and the materials needed in order for each student from the group to have a different task.


Each group made one Cardboard VR and I mentored the whole process.

students discovering how to create a cardboard VR


  1. The students carefully drew and the cut a cardboard and a plastic bottle.
  2. The students glued together all the  Cardboard VR pieces.
students working on their cardboard
a student applying some glue on a round shapes piece of plastic

3.  Each group selected 2 stereoscopic images from the Europeana Collections.

4. They saved these images on their smartphones.

5. They watched the images through the Cardboard VR using their smartphones.

Final thoughts

For this scenario, I had planned 6×45’ and that was sufficient time for implementing it. The aims of the lesson have been fulfilled, the students have learned how to use Europeana and find information and how to make Cardboard VR. They have improved their teamwork and collaboration skills, critical thinking, online research abilities and handwork skills. Finally, my students enjoyed the lesson and they could give their feedback.

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Vintage VR  by Rafael Montero

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article as been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Diafilmtörténeti Gyűjtemény – Budapest.

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