Implementation of ‘Vintage VR’ (SOI-PL-19)

A Story of Implementation based on the Learning Scenario entitled “Vintage VR” created by Rafael Montero.

Implemented by Marcin Jabłoński – Complex of Technical Schools in Grudziądz/PL

Dates of the lesson

09-02-2019 / Extra-curricular activities in Robotics & Mechatronics / 1st part

16-02-2019/ Extra-curricular activities in Robotics & Mechatronics / 2nd part

A few words about the group in which the Learning Scenario was implemented

The group of pupils where the lesson was conducted were students of Grades 1 and 2 of the Mechatronic and Electrical Technical School, aged 16-17. The classes were conducted during additional classes – extra-curricular activities in Robotics & Mechatronics. These are students interested in an innovative approach to education, who willingly attended the additional classes although they took place on Saturday (a day off from school). The classes were conducted for 5 pairs of student.

How the classes were conducted

The classes were divided into two main stages. In the first part, a theoretical introduction to Europeana and the presentation of the necessary materials (only the lenses were purchased) were carried out. Europeana resources regarding stereoblindness were presented. A video was presented on how to create VR goggles. Most of the materials and tools were available at the Mechatronics Workshop. On the basis of the film, the students created a list of the necessary materials and tools. Each of the students’ pairs was to make one VR device.

How the students dealt with the implementation of Cardboard VR and posters and how many pieces each group created

During the classes, the pupils performed the tasks entrusted to them. Each of the student pairs created their VR goggles. During the next classes, the pupils made posters to be able to view three-dimensional images through their goggles; the pupils were creating and watching stereo-pictures.

How much time was required to conduct the classes

The time needed to complete the tasks required two meetings within #RoboticTeamGrudziądz Saturday classes lasting for 5 lessons, including one 15-minute break (lessons from 9 to 13).

Why I recommend conducting classes based on this Learning Scenario

New teaching techniques, including those based on Europeana, introduce a ”new breath” of education. Following the spirit of the times, new technologies, interest of young people in technology is the basic task of every teacher. A student interested in and motivated to work becomes more creative and innovative. New work measures, including interactive ones like Europeana, are just such a motivator for the development of a young man. “Vintage VR” is a Learning Scenario that catches the spirit of the times and allows students to use new technologies in a creative way.

My feelings as a teacher

Teaching new technologies is most desirable in the modern world. The contemporary teacher must know new technologies and be fluent in them. Nowadays, after joining the structures of the European Union, we are becoming a global village day by day in which one of the most important features is the rapid flow of information, so the approach to vocational education as well as the teacher’s function must also change. The teacher should have a passion for his work and should constantly improve his professional skills in order to keep up with technological changes.

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