Implementation of Vintage VR (SOI-PL-44)

I implemented Vintage VR learning scenario, created by Rafael Montero. As an IT teacher I loved the idea of using vintage techniques with modern technologies and educational trends. Because I implemented the lesson with students aged 7, I had to adapt the learning scenario to this level. We used already prepared cardboard VR glasses. They were given an instruction sheet though, on how to make their own. It took us about 45 minutes to have our work done.

First we talked about VR and how popular it is getting nowadays. Then I showed them Europeana resources to prove that it is not such a recent technology – that people in the past were also creating 3D pictures, they just used different techniques. We chose four stereoscope postcards and found information about each of them on Europeana.

Then, we found tutorials on YouTube on how to make our own stereoscope pictures (using a camera 3D app). The students tried to create their own photos. We were looking at them using VR cardboard glasses.

At the end of the lesson we summarised all the information we had learned and the students gave their feedback. They were very excited about knowing how to make VR glasses and take 3D pictures. They had an opportunity to search for information through a new website (Europeana) and they really liked the fact that all information about cultural heritage and history was now in one place.

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