Implementation of ‘What Would They Say?’ (SOI-PT-134)

Generating ideas

I am Maria Antónia Brandão, a teacher of psychology at a secondary school in Vila das Aves, which is located in the north of Portugal. I implemented Karoliina Mutanen’s learning scenario with my 17-year-old students in January 2020.

Generating emotions

During the lesson, the students became familiar with some basic emotions. They learned some deeper observation techniques, and how to interpret an image, bearing the culture and history in mind. They learned how to write sentences about feelings and emotions, using correct vocabulary and punctuation. During the lesson, some of the students used English as a foreign language.

A student making a presentation, using images found on Europeana

My students were already familiarized with Europeana – they knew the platform from our former work when they did research on photos and paintings. During the lesson, students worked in groups, adding speech bubbles to chosen photos. After that, they presented them in front of the class. Self-, peer- and teacher-assessment followed.

How did it go?

I had planned to adapt the learning scenario to my curriculum, besides I listened to my students, empathized, connected, accepted their suggestions to make it as suitable for everyone as possible.

Some of them approached the theme not only through emotions but also through motivation. Additionally, a part of students added some sense of humour to their performance. They all enjoyed the work and had no difficulties using some apps like Befunky or piZap. Some students used Paint or other tools, designed to create presentations.

Adding speech bubbles to Europeana images

One of the difficulties was to choose images that were free to use and learn how to make the copyright statements.

Final presentation

Experimenting with different types of speech bubbles

We made an online presentation and uploaded it on Google Drive so all the students could make their contribution. The result was a nice and creative presentation, containing many Europeana resources.

Reflecting on the learning experience

Introducing the Europeana web portal

All the students enjoyed the work. Moreover, they developed their imagination, creativity and ICT skills. Some students also practised and improved their English skills.


We discussed each contribution to the final presentation. Students also voted for the work they liked most, keeping some criteria like a sense of humour or the originality of a written text in mind.   

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What would they say? created by Karoliina Mutanen.

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CC BY 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Wellcome Collection.

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