Implementation of ‘Why don’t we create a museum?'(SOI-GR-76)

The group of pupils where the lesson was conducted were students 14 years old students, during the STEM lesson.

How the classes were conducted

The classes were divided into three main stages. In the first part, students practised on working with cospaces. In the next part, students were asked to design the educational material, by choosing pictures and text descriptions from Europeana collections. Those pictures were placed in a VR museum. Finally, they created a VR museum.

How much time was required to conduct the classes

Dates of the lesson

29-05-2019 / 1st part

30-05-2019/ 2nd part

31-05-2019/ 3rd part

The time needed to complete the tasks required 7 sessions of 30 min each.


Learners were really enthusiastic and motivated on working on this learning scenario. They were so excited that they decided to 3Dprint some of their favourite objects of the museum. Besides students, I was really excited about implementing this learning as I had the chance to learn and work on new AR technologies.

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Why don’t we create a museum? created by Aaron Bernardez 

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