Implementation of ‘World Café Stories’ (SOI-HU-126)

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The reasons

I chose this Learning Scenario by Natasa Tram because I really liked the idea of the student’s cooperation. This seemed a very fun way to create a story with a little picture description and looking behind.

In the group where I implemented, there are only boys who are noisy and don’t like studying but they are also very creative. I had doubts if playing music would work with them but eventually, it turned out to be a fantastic idea.

a student holding a piece of paper
A student holding a piece of paper.

Some changes

I didn’t change much in the original Learning Scenario. I explained the method of the lesson and they quite easily understood. Because there are only 9 students in the group, I only used three different QR codes to form three groups. After finding their groups, they immediately started talking about the pictures. I only kept one of the original pictures. I chose two others because I think they suited my students more.

A new experience

I’ve been experimenting with these 9 boys for a while to find something that’s challenging enough but they are able to do it without ruining the lesson. I think this type of working and going from one group to another was made for them.

I was a bit scared that with the background music they would raise their voices but this was not the case. They were working peacefully and it was very good to see how they helped each other. I will definitely keep the idea and use it many more times in the future.

Considering the language outcome, some of them said at the beginning they didn’t know English very well, that they couldn’t do this task. Of course, they had no choice and in the end, with each other’s help, they could manage to add ideas to the stories. I think this will give them a more positive attitude to English in the future.

Discover some of the stories written by the students:

A student writing a story on a piece of paper.
A student writing a story on a piece of paper.

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CC BY-SA 3.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana Collections and provided by the Local Government Management Agency.

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