Implementation of ‘Take the Quiz: How much do you know about women who pioneered Europe?’ (SOI-TR-27)

Do you know who was the first female engineer in Europe? Or even in the world? So, Europeana provides stories of female pioneers. Elisa Leonida was the first female engineer as a role model for young girls to transform perceptions of women working in science. Thus, telling my students about Leonida was a great driving force. To clarify, this learning scenario encourages girls especially to participate in Computer Programming.

My students used their smartphones to create quiz game apps about pioneer women from Europeana. As a result, they gained computational thinking and reading skills through these innovative women and visual programming tool, Pocket Code.

Introduction to Project

introduction to project

Firstly I explained the learning activities and the process to students. Then I introduced Europeana Pioneers Pocket Code and assessment rubric to develop their quiz games on their mobile devices. I shared project google site which had student and teacher tutorials. After that, students formed their teams and reflected.

Introduction to Pocketcode

intro to pocketcode

I  started with an introduction to pocketcode to support class discussion and activity. Following this, we talked about role models like famous female programmers. Finally, I handed out bricks activity worksheet to students. Therefore, they practised scripts, visuals, sounds and brick categories. They collaborated and reflected together.

Programming a Speaking Animal

speaking animal

During this activity, students learned how to program a speaking animal. At first, I instructed with programming a speaking animal and handed out programming a panda activity worksheet as a tutorial. Later, they collaborated, shared and reflected on their social network.

Creating Questions from Europeana

writing questions

This activity was the process of creating quiz questions from Europeana. The main activity was reading comprehension. Firstly, I defined the roles of the team members. Then I introduced pioneer women with creating quiz questions from Europeana. Following this, teams selected a pioneer woman. They analyzed text on chosen pioneer woman. I encouraged them to create more informative questions. Finally, they shared and reflected.

Broadcasting Activity

broadcasting activity.

This was an action game activity . Students understood clearly what broadcasting was.

Programming Quiz Game

creating game

Student pairs created their own quiz game. To clarify, I explained how to create and add data bricks into the scripts with creating my quiz game.

Afterwards, programmers collaboratively followed the steps. They got help with how can I program my quiz game tutorial sheet. They adopted questions into the program created before.  Lastly, they presented their games and reflected. Then quiz games were posted on the google sites.

If you are interested in this learning scenario, click below:

Take the Quiz: How much do you know about women who pioneered Europe? created by Reyhan Gunes

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