Implementation of ‘Time Travel Agency’ (SOI-HR-16)

Today I implemented the Learning Scenario entitled Time Travel Agency made by Kati Lörincz. It was carried out with students of 15+ age during the English class, as a double lesson (90 minutes). For this lesson, students used their tablets.

Time travel: let’s create our itinerary

Firstly, as an introduction, students got familiar with the Europeana Homepage, searching for different sights as I explained that they would be working at a time travel agency creating an itinerary for a one-week journey. The students worked in groups of 4-5.

Secondly, the next step was to examine different travel brochures to get familiar with their information, photos, layout, style. Each group presented what they had found interesting about the brochures.

In addition, the students started working on their main task – creating an itinerary, which was supposed to include 6 different locations: cities or buildings or monuments for 6 days. Then, they could hop in space and time using their imagination and creativity. They searched Europeana for different locations and used the information for their itinerary which they created in TravelMap.

Finally, the students presented their itineraries to the whole class. 

Afterward, at the end of the lesson, the students discussed what they had liked during the lesson and they took a poll which I had created with Mentimeter. They voted for the itinerary they liked most.

Screenshot of the results from students’ feedback regarding the lesson

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