Implementation of ‘Why don’t we create a museum?’ (SOI-HU-25)

science museum- art – ict – 7th-grade, 12/13 years old

I implemented this learning scenario, in a 7th-grade class, with the participation of 20 students, aged between 12 and 13 years. When I talk about the idea to create a virtual science museum, my students were very enthusiastic.  The activity had a duration of 3 periods of 45 minutes (time predicted by the author of the LS-7 hours). Previously, I presented the Europeana portal and explained how to search the information, demonstrating and sharing the benefits of the Europeana project. Next, the platform in which our museum areas would be developed was presented. We used the PhotoPeach platform to develop our museum areas.

Why don’t we create a science museum?

How we implement this learning scenario ?

Introduction to Europeana and creative commons licences

I started with a presentation and a demonstration about the Europeana concepts and resources as well the Creative Commons Licences.

Firstly, we formed working groups. We decided to form 4 groups of 5 students. We talked about the idea to create a Science Museum. The groups presented ideas about it, and finally decided to introduce four topics in the virtual museum. We have agreed to develop this over time and present more topics by the end of the year.

Photo Peach: creating a science museum

Secondly, every group registered on the PhotoPeach platform. After what the students explored the Europeana resources looking for images related to their own physics topic: rainbow, sound, buoyancy and pressure. I monitored the group work and the usage of the software application.  For each topic, the groups selected ten images, uploaded to the online surface and created their slideshows. They also chose the right music for them. One of the presentations can be found by clicking on the following link:

Presentation time!

Thirdly (The 45 minutes activity), every group presented to the class their own slideshow related to a specific science topic. During the presentations, we had the occasion to talk about science in a new way. Finally, they voted on the Kahoot platform for the best presented ‘Museum Area’.

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Why don’t we create a museum? – Created by Aaron Bernardez 

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