Implementation of ‘Adventurous Journey through Europe and Culture’ (SOI-GR-234)

Why chosen?

The story of implementation was organized by Barbara Zadraveli around the learning scenario ‘Adventurous Journey through Europe and Culture’, originally created by Andrea Zsuzsanna Nagy. It was chosen to be implemented in a different age group (13-14) as a good chance to teach part of the curriculum intended and it came aside Unit 7 of the class coursebook with the title ‘Tomorrow and Beyond’. This LS was the best way to teach: Speculating on photos / Talking about future personal arrangements/ fixed plans & intentions/ Talking about Differences-Similarities / Civilization & Culture/Travelling while practicing Present Continuous and making Travel itenaries .Given the chance to pupils to play , experiment with digital tools and organize trips around Europe was the best way to do it.

How was it implemented?

The innovation was that it was implemented partly during on-line teaching in the Pandemic period and partly, the final stage of it, in the conventional classroom. The implementation followed the ‘flipped classroom methodology’ as it was planned to be delivered via e-class, an asynchronous teaching platform and webex, a synchronous on-line teaching platform. We followed all activities planned by the initial LS while my pupils and I found it extremely motivating and amusing. I added some, making use of the asynchronous platform, such as a brainstorming activity as a lead in , creating mindmaps and using the E-class tools .

Using the web 2.0 tools creatively on-line and in e-class

Leading students through the process of planning a holiday combined their previous studies in English and let them practice on the intended by the curriculum Future forms . It allowed them to include and integrate their personal experiences using ICT tools, and the use of web 2.0 tools included in the original scenario promoted creativity and cooperation. It also managed to put culture into focus during holidays through Europeana Collections and to get to know different European cities. Following the LS activities, we used the suggested web 2.0 tools, but we also added some more to make learning even more enjoyable and motivating ( indicated below with the word extra):

• dotstorming as an enjoyable way of brainstorming into the theme of holidays. The Ps added their ideas based on the Driving question : ‘What does the word holiday mean to you ?’ and that is the result Brainstorming on the word holiday
• padlet as a way to work collaboratively in groups on the topic of travelling, accommodation, touristic activities, preparation for a holiday . Driving question: ‘How would you organize a holiday?

Think of all possible arrangements or feelings about it.’ and that is the result Organising  a holiday  
• Kahoot , Gaming with kahoot to get familiar with Travelling vocabulary , Getting to know travelling Vocabulary
• Choosing European capitals in groups Choosing European capitals -Working with Europeana
• Collaborating with google docs and using e-class to upload material ( Extra )
• Creating Travelling brochures, capitals’ PPts, on a padlet Capitals’ Capitals’ presentations and Brochures
• Peer assessment using google docs , London presentation Travelling Brochures with Europeana , Peer assessement on London, Madrid presentation Peer assessment on Madrid , Copenhangen presentation, Peer assessment on Copenhangen. Before assessing the pupils formulated the Assessment criteria answering an Assessment criteria (Extra)
• Assessing all the activities of the Scenario on a Tricider ,Voting -assessing LS’s activities ( Extra )
• Gaming and testing our knowledge about European capitals on the word wall , suggested by the LS Testing what we have learnt
• Voting the most preferable destination with Menti , And the Destination is ….( Extra )

Working with Europeana with the pupils’ eyes

‘Working with Europeana to create travelling brochures… It was very creative, interesting and we had a great time working in groups’

by Joanna and Elena

‘Assessing our work and the work of our peers… We had the chance to compare our work with the others. We all enjoyed and had a great time’

What made the implementation of their LS more enjoyable and fruitful for the pupils can be seen through reading their opinion about activities giving reasons for that ….

Testing our knowledge with kahoot game… we had fun and learned new things at the same time’ by Anna + Ermioni ,

by Dimi

I learn more vocabulary from this exciting game’ , by Ioanna K. + Chara
Presenting our work in class… it was fun’ by Max

Working with Europeana platform on European capitals…. Learning in an alternative way !!! Wow !!!’ by Nefeli

Students’ work during implementation

You can have an idea on all the work done you can visit…
Final product with pupils’ work

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CC BY-SA 4.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.

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