Implementation of ‘Inventions and discoveries’ (SOI-HU-252)

In this lesson implementation I chose Inventions and discoveries by Tomislav Pavlović as a source for ideas. The topic of the learning scenario was perfect for teaching and practicing the Passive Voice. Besides, students could use their knowledge acquired during science classes. I was also able to draw their attention to the great number of Hungarian inventions and discoveries that they can be proud of. They saw, how scientists pursued their carriers all over the world working together with great thinkers of other nations.


As a warmer, I asked students to do a wordwall exercise to match significant inventions and discoveries with the year in which they were licenced. The task also gave as the opportunity to practice the Passive Voice while checking solutions using sentences like: ” The light bulb was invented by Edison”.

Then I asked my students to find the Hungarian inventions in the list.

As a second step, I divided the class into groups. My aim was also to ask students to create presentations on Hungarian inventions and I sent them four links from Europeana which are videos about Hungarian inventors. ( Puskás Tivadar Bláthy Ottó Gábor Dénes Zipernowszky)

They chose one video to watch but of course, they could also use other sources of information, to prepare their presentations. As the writer of the original LS, I also encouraged my students to use photos from the Europeana Collections website in their PPTs.

Photo from the lesson taught by Eva Tothne Jonas

The project on Hungarian inventions and discoveries

During the first lesson, after doing the warmer, I introduced Europeana Collections website to my students. We created the groups and chose the scientist they would like to learn more about. They needed two more lessons to watch the videos in groups, collect information and prepare their PPTs.

Working from Europeana during the lesson


To finish the project we did a quiz on inventions and discoveries. The first three students who collected the most point, got a small present. The lesson was a success taking into consideration their enthusiasm and quality of work.

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Inventions and discoveries created by Tomislav Pavlović 

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CC0 1.0: the featured image used to illustrate this article has been found on Europeana and has been provided by the National Gallery of Denmark.

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