Implementation of ‘Newspapers and Reports’ (SOI-HU-24)

Preparation before the implementation

Here are the few steps that were taken in order to prepare the implementation. First, creating a Padlet and a shared Google document. Then, check if those types of articles are available on Europeana. Finally, adding the links to our Europeana Symbaloo.


a. Discussion about online and printed newspapers

What do you think about printed and online newspapers? Are there specific age groups associated with each? Why do people prefer this or that? Does printed media have a long life ahead? Online vs printed newspapers, advantages and disadvantages arranged in a Padlet.

b. Research and choosing a topic for the newspaper

Based on the original project, we decided to produce a newspaper from bits and pieces of Europeana. Students could choose one of the following sections. Then, they had to search for an article in the appropriate content in Europeana, summarize it and then they had to rewrite the article into current English style and actualize the context. The articles were collected in a shared Google document.

c. Newspapers’ sections in the article

  • news from the world 1,2
  • local news
  • sport news
  • culture
  • interesting facts

d. Justification of the article

Later, based on the original project with consideration to the age and major of my students, they had to search for a photo with creative commons on Pixabay to justify the text.


Creating a flipbook out of the google document with the recreated articles. 

I decided to modify the original learning scenario on the one hand because of the age and the major of my students, on the other hand, because the original included some native language tasks too. Finally, I included native language in a way that many original newspapers chosen from Europeana are in Hungarian, so the students had to summarize them in English. I hope I managed to keep the motives and goals of the original learning scenario whose owner I thank for this great idea.

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Newspapers and Reports created by Justin Nicholas Micallef 

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