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Collaborative learning

Arte Viva (PT-CUR-453)

O cenário de aprendizagem pretende que os alunos conheçam algumas obras de arte de pintores europeus e que sejam capazes de as …

Scopriamo l’Uovo (IT-CUR-418)

Lo scopo di questo scenario è studiare l’uovo da un punto di vista multidisciplinare e con metodologia Clil: in scienze per scoprire …

John Dee demonstrating an experiment before Queen Elizabeth I

The Elizabethan Era (EN-CUR-380)

This learning scenario is a combination of English and History lessons. It focuses on the Elizabethan Age (1558-1603) and Queen Elizabeth I …

picture of a man alone in the mountain

Mountain Wisdom (EN-CUR-374)

This scenario is inspired by paintings, texts and blog “What are men to rocks and mountains?” from Europeana. Students will research the …

The victorious English 400 m. women's relay swimming team at the Stockholm Olympic Games. Postcard, 1912.

Stronger Together (LS-MT-346)

This cross-curricular learning scenario created and implemented by a Maltese Art teacher, Brendan Buttigieg, incorporates Art in relation to PSCD (Personal, Social …

Wegwijs in wetenschappelijke calculators

Create, Collaborate and Solve (LS-MT-335)

This learning scenario tackles Mathematics and important skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking which are fundamental at this day …

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