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Celebrations in Europe (EN-CUR-481)

This learning scenario is about celebrations in Europe and cultural identity. Teachers can use it for interdisciplinary teaching and learning as the …

Masks and Reality (EN-CUR-472)

In this learning scenario, students explore the art of making masks through Europeana Collections and creative assignments. They research, sketch and recreate …

A kite flying festival. Watercolour by an Indian artist.

Bringing Back Kites (LS-MT-284)

This cross-curricular learning scenario by Ayrton Curmi links Social Studies to Culture, Mathematics, Language, Art and Physical Education. Traditions are a fundamental …

LS-RO-245- Baroque

The Baroque Style (LS-RO-245)

The purpose of this Learning Scenario created by Geanina Turcanu from Romania is to guide students to identify the Baroque style characteristics …

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