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English as a Foreign Language, Page 2

en-cur-190-migration routes

Migration (EN-CUR-189)

Through this lesson, students are able to learn about migration in general and get acquainted with personal symbols of freedom. They will …

en-cur-184-interactive museum

In an interactive museum (EN-CUR-184)

By the end of the lesson, students will develop all language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing). They will develop their critical thinking …

EN-CUR-166 - clothes

What are you wearing? (EN-CUR-166)

Describing people, places and giving opinions in English Language is part of the Foreign Language learning curriculum at primary level. Moreover, the …

You are welcome (EN-CUR-150)

This learning scenario proposes that students learn how to live together in a plural and global society where citizens, aware of their …

LS-RO-92- kindness

Kindness Matters (LS-RO-92)

14 Romanian students aged 14 and 15, learners of English as a Foreign Language (current level on the Common European Framework of …

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