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PT-CUR-165- atualidade

O que levava comigo? (PT-CUR-165)

Este cenário destina-se a uma atividade que pretende uma reflexão dos alunos, tendo em conta o mundo que os rodeio, criando consciência …

LS-TR-107- history of fashion

The Evolution of Fashion (LS-TR-107)

Fashion is timeless Fashion is a timeless preoccupation for everyone, adult and teenager alike, becoming more and more important for the latter …

LS-MT-90- clothes long ago and now

Clothes Long Ago and Now (LS-MT-90)

Pictures from the past help young students developing an understanding of particular moments in history. It also gives them a stronger appreciation …

LS-MK-55- Young Explorers

Young Explorers (LS-MK-55)

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”― Ignacio Estrada Nowadays, students’ interaction is …

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