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Having Fun with Levi (LS-HR-253)

Inventions can be a very useful topic to have your students engaged in the language classroom. The stories about interesting ‘products’ and …

The Instant Life of Aprons and Pockets (LS-RO-252)

Students of English as a Foreign Language (A2+ level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) learn about aprons and pockets throughout history, and design and produce aprons as professionally essential accessories for a particular occasion.

EN-CUR-166 - clothes

What are you wearing? (EN-CUR-166)

Describing people, places and giving opinions in English Language is part of the Foreign Language learning curriculum at primary level. Moreover, the …

LS-TR-107- history of fashion

The Evolution of Fashion (LS-TR-107)

Fashion is timeless Fashion is a timeless preoccupation for everyone, adult and teenager alike, becoming more and more important for the latter …

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