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Zdrave slastice (HR-CUR-650)

Od samog početka 20. stoljeća, prehrana se smatrala ključnom za dobrobit kao i tjelesna aktivnost (vježbanje) , a hrana se smatrala ključem …

Healthy eating

Our Healthy Life (LS-RO-349)

This lesson addresses the 13 – 14 years old students, learning English as a foreign language. In this lesson, sports and a …

LS-MK-79- food culture

We are a Rainbow (LS-MK-79)

Why Food and Culture? What we call culture is everything that makes up the way a group of people live. Including how …

LS-MK-56- europeana food

Food Tests (LS-MK-57)

By food, we understand everything we put into the body in the process of nutrition. Food is a source of energy and …

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