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Wegwijs in wetenschappelijke calculators

Create, Collaborate and Solve (LS-MT-335)

This learning scenario tackles Mathematics and important skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking which are fundamental at this day …

Geometric Animals (LS-MT-255)

This cross-curricular learning scenario by Brendan Buttigieg links Art to Science, English, Mathematics and Maltese through a project-based approach which includes a …

LS-ES-218- symmetrical art

Symmetrical ART (LS-ES-218)

In this learning scenario, students will be working with mathematical and arts education concepts such as rotation, translation or symmetries by means …

LS-TR-80- the golden mean

The Golden Mean (LS-TR-80)

Have you ever use Europeana Resources for maths? Do you have any idea about the Golden Mean? Let’s find out what kind …

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