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Painting Poems - Landscape with Flowers

Painting Poems (LS-ES-53)

Poetry promotes literacy and lets us express our feelings and emotions. It is rhythm and music, so it fosters emotional resilience. Poetry …

Migration history - painting, 1890

No migration no history (LS-ES-45)

Grow empathy and awareness about migrants and refugees can be a difficult thing nowadays. Historical migratory movements have been happening ever since …

Photograph of Guerica

VR AR Guernica (LS-ES-37)

IES Consaburum is an excellent example of European 21st century School in which students benefit from active learning through several European projects. …

implementation of the LS Vitage VR

Vintage VR (LS-ES-14)

Rafael Montero, Europeana Ambassador for Spain, developed this learning scenario, which is an excellent example of how we can benefit from the …

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