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LS-TR-80- the golden mean

The Golden Mean (LS-TR-80)

Have you ever use Europeana Resources for maths? Do you have any idea about the Golden Mean? Let’s find out what kind …

LS-FR-52: history of puppets: black and white photograph of puppets of dr frankenstein and the monster

History of puppets (LS-FR-52)

In our city and the world This scenario is about the history of puppets. It was designed for young students of Turkish …

Naval war - painting of soldier on a boat

Naupactus Naval War (LS-TR-41)

This learning scenario is about The Battle of Leponto, 1571, which is in the high school history lesson syllabus. It is designed …

Illustration for the implementation of the learning scenario 'Birds are singing'

The birds are singing! (LS-TR-13)

The Europeana curated datasets can give you new ideas for building STEM related learning scenarios. Işıl Gülmez uses the bird sounds dataset …

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