Breathing new life into the Europeana project: when cultural heritage meets pedagogy


A fruitful and rewarding meeting among the 13 Europeana ambassadors took place in Brussels from 25 to 27 October at the premises of European Schoolnet (EUN). The occasion? The 34th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab (#SPW34)

One day to network and innovate

On the first day of the meeting, after being introduced to the Next-Lab and Europeana projects, the participants took part in an icebreaking activity, an ideal way to start networking and create bonds among themselves. Moreover, the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) was explored and the participating teachers were given the opportunity to discover the differences and similarities to their teaching context. The flexibility of seating arrangements, the innovative technology, the elements of inquiry and creativity were pinpointed during the discussion.

Isabel Crespo, from the Europeana Foundation, discussed with the ambassadors the latest updates of the Europeana portal, then followed by a session on how to create an outstanding Europeana learning scenario in terms of pedagogy and resources selection. After a recap of the first day’s activities, all the teachers had a warm welcoming dinner at their hotel, expanding their learning network.

Pedagogy: bringing the future into the present!

On the second day of the meeting, updates and practicalities, as well as the new tasks assigned to the ambassadors and their user group members, were discussed. Besides shooting the promotion videos for the project, the ambassadors worked collaboratively to maintain the new Europeana Massive Open Online Courses, the Teaching with Europeana blog, the first learning scenarios and, the next Europeana competition.

In the end, Ambassadors were awarded certificates of attendance, but most importantly, they were filled with newly acquired knowledge, thoughts and feelings. In an excellent and joyous atmosphere, they had a second dinner, exchanging experiences and planning new promising collaborative activities.

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