Europeana Education Competition 2019

And the winners are…

Europeana and European Schoolnet are pleased to announce the 30 winners of the Europeana Education Competition 2019! They have been actively participating in making the Teaching with Europeana blog a source of creativity and inspiration for other teachers. Each winner has contributed to the Teaching with Europeana blog by creating one learning scenario, using Europeana resources in an innovative way, writing an enriching story of implementation, and providing constructive feedback to their peers.

Thank you to all of them and to all of the participants.

Europeana Education competition 2019

The Europeana Education Competition 2019 in short:

  • 130 participants
  • From 15 countries and European Schools
  • Submitted ~150 learning scenarios and stories of implementation (many of which will be published in the upcoming weeks)
  • Shared their ideas through 308 comments
Europeana Education Competition 2019 : winners' price

The 30 winners will be awarded with a trip to Brussels to the second Europeana teacher workshop, with flights and accommodation covered. The workshop will be held during the 7-8th of June 2019. All winners must be available during the above dates. In case of non-availability, European Schoolnet reserves the right to offer the place in the workshop to the runner-ups or other teachers. No alternative award will be offered.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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