Educators win a trip to Brussels!

Using Europeana resources in your classroom isn’t just smart and effective teaching – it can also win you a free trip to Brussels for a weekend of workshops and networking.

Just ask the 27 happy educators from all over Europe who just won one of two separate awards organized by Europeana in collaboration with European Schoolnet. They are coming to the Future Classroom Lab, at European Schoolnet’s office in Brussels, for the Europeana workshop 21-22 June 2024.

The first set of winners entered the Europeana Micro-Stories of Implementation Challenge, in which they pinned their entries to a Digital Cultural Heritage Story Map. By doing so, they shared their experiences of using Europeana resources in the classroom or in non-formal education settings. Their entries showed the versatility of Europeana resources, from both the Europeana platform and the Teaching with Europeana blog, and inspired others to explore these rich cultural and educational materials.
More than 130 participants from 15 countries entered nearly 1,100 stories of implementation. Out of these 130, the six participants who entered the most micro-stories of good quality were invited to Brussels (see their names below).

An additional 21 winners of the Scientix Digital Cultural Heritage Award, which is supported by Europeana, will join them at the workshop. These educators implemented learning scenarios from the Teaching with Europeana blog in their classrooms or non-formal education settings, and then submitted their stories of implementation on the map of the 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign
This year’s STEM Discovery Campaign attracted a total of more than 4,600 entries, more than 380 of which, posted from 21 countries, were eligible for the Scientix Digital Cultural Heritage Award.

The winners of this award were:

  • Ljiljana Štanfelj, from Croatia
  • Zeljko Predojevic, from Croatia
  • Konstantina Tsirmpa, from Greece
  • Enrica Maragliano, from Italy
  • Vedrana Čerina, from Croatia
  • Renata Čeč, from Croatia
  • Ivana Frančić, from Croatia
  • Kristina Vučić, from Croatia
  • Nevin Bilgiçli, from Turkey
  • Şerife Takmaz, from Turkey
  • Eleonora Čuvidić, from Croatia
  • Jelica Pajić, from Serbia
  • Silvana Jakimovska Binova, from North Macedonia
  • Margarita Dakoronia, from Greece
  • Yanika Camilleri, From Malta
  • Aikaterini Spitsa, from Greece
  • Ana Šuman, from Croatia
  • Ivana Busuttil, from Malta
  • Adielle Abela, from Malta
  • Rania Iatropoulou, from Greece
  • Brendan Buttigieg, from Malta

The following educators won the Europeana Micro-Stories of Implementation Challenge:

  • Ana Marinić, from Croatia
  • Luigia Palumbo, from Italy
  • Anita Simac, from Croatia
  • Antonija Kojundžić, from Croatia
  • Ksenija Škoric, from Croatia
  • Jelena Kovačević, from Croatia

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to keep an eye on this blog and on the Scientix Awards page for future opportunities to win prizes!

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