Discover the winners of the Europeana Education Competition 2021

Organized from March to April 2021, in collaboration with the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, the Europeana Education Competition 2021 has invited primary and secondary school teachers of all subjects to find innovative ways of using Europeana digital cultural items in their classroom and share their story about it. Discover the winners of the competition!

Visual announcing the winners of the Europeana Education Competition 2021

The Europeana Education Competition 2021 in short

  • 89 participants
  • From 18 countries and European Schools
  • From 58 eligible applications, 42 were learning scenarios and 11 stories of implementation (many of which will be published in the upcoming weeks)

Competition Awards

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the original award, a workshop in Brussels, has been readapted:

The 20 winning participants from the Europeana Educational user group 2020-2021 will be featured in a Europeana Publication in September 2021 and their Learning Scenarios or Stories of Implementation will be disseminated online; European Schoolnet reserves the right to select an alternate winner in case of non-availability of the selected person.

The 4 winners non-members of the Europeana Educational user group 2020-2021 will be awarded a certificate and be given the opportunity to become members of the Europeana Education user group 2021-2022.

The winners’ best entries will be translated to 8 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Romanian, Polish and Turkish) and published as an online publication in each of these languages (plus English).

Prime example of integrating digital cultural to formal education, this booklet will be disseminated across Europe, to Ministries of Education, as well as teachers!

Thank you all and congratulations to the winners!

What happens next? Stay tuned to discover the participants’ and finalists’ entries!

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